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What Are and Who Are Angels?

Since my siblings and I were young, even before adolescence, our mother, Tynnetta Muhammad, would always share from what our father, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, would share with her. One of the things that impacted my mind from a young age is when my mother would state how we had to stay alert for the time when there would be angels posted on every corner directing the people in which direction they should go. My mother, from the words of my father, would say that the angels would come upon us appearing as average people only they would be asking certain questions and depending on the answer we would give, would determine whether they would direct us to go in one way or another. The spiritual and intellectual question I think we should ask is: What and who are the Angels?

Angel: (Noun) A spiritual being believed to act as an attendant, agent, or messenger of God, conventionally represented in human form with wings and a long robe. (lexico dot com powered by Oxford)

The latter part of this definition, according to the dictionary, is false and fictitious. However, ‘wings’ can be symbolically interpreted to represent the Spirit. I was raised and taught that Angels represent Divinely Guided Forces. The word ‘divine’ should be understood as that which comes from or is directed by God Himself. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that there are Angels who do not know that they are Angels. This is not to sound spooky (smile). However, Angels that do not know that they are Angels represent individuals who are being Guided to do a particular work but do not necessarily recognize that they’re being Guided.

Have you ever heard a wise individual remind us that if we knew more about the things that we are compelled, driven or inspired to do, we would get in our own way? It makes sense to me that in order to keep us out of our own way we are often spiritually or intellectually blinded to the details of what we’re doing. It’s as if, in certain things and in certain moments, we are truly not in control but apparently being controlled by a Force of Consciousness greater or above our own. What do you think is meant in the Holy Qur’an by “nothing happens without Allah’s permission”? It means that ALLAH (God) is completely in control of the outcome and, at times, even the process of occurrences, while maintaining our own free will.

When the Scriptures of the Bible says “cleanliness is next to Godliness”, this, within the psychic realm, has to do with the removal of mental and spiritual obstructions. When we keep our minds clean, it involves more than just our individual brain activities, but also the mental field and the physical plane of our interaction with others, which speaks to environments. Our minds must be clean so that we can receive and obey signals that as human beings we are designed with the ability to pick up (as a transmitter and receiver would) from the Creator and Master of our cosmic reality. As marvelous, if not incredible, as the powers ascribed to Angels mentioned in the Bible and Holy Qur’an are, ‘Man’ (which means human beings regardless of sex or gender) are created by ALLAH greater than the Angels. Angels have a Divine function and purpose which is to execute Strategic Objectives of God through the mastery of certain forces. Man is created to be God in the flesh and everything in creation subservient to His Will. Can you see how the greatest offense to the One God and Creator of everything would be to worship and bow to anything that is made? When you make something you start from something. It’s only when you create something that you start from nothing. This is the work and signature of ALLAH (God) who creates.

I thought it important to touch on the subject matter of Angels as they are appearing often in and around many of our lives because of The Time in which we live today, hoping that when we witness them exercise phenomenal power, we do not worship what we do not understand and stunt our own growth and development in the Divine. In this time that we are living, it should be expected that we all, in our intra and interpersonal relationships, will experience IMPATIENCE. I’m not talking about the momentary act of impatience that may arise; some dealings with people and situations that are operating slower than we desire. I’m speaking to the impatience that comes from a higher sense of ‘KNOWING’ what time it is and what must be done. We must be very careful with each other, especially loved ones as we do not know how, to what degree, and in what way, ALLAH (God) may be working with that person, family member, friend, or stranger that you may encounter. Patience is a virtue that today may mark the difference between you receiving guidance and or ignoring it because of being too caught up in foolish distractions.

I will conclude for now with a timely General Order for all who believe: #2 “To walk my post in a perfect manner, keeping always on the alert.” 😇

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Aug 25, 2022



John Talat Karim
John Talat Karim
Aug 10, 2022

Wishing you the nest Bro. Rasul. Detroit John.....


Thank you I agree. I have saved this in my message file

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