The Ministry of Love is a Ministry of Healing that is funded by the charitable contributions of individuals.

Specializing in Conflict Resolution, Couples and Family Counseling and Spiritual Guidance

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The Ministry Of LOVE is a ministry of healing. It is a healing from the hurt we've caused ourselves. We are so use to blaming others for the decisions we've made and the lifestyles we practice.


The Ministry Of LOVE tour is challenging suppressive personalities. Too many of us are insecure in our personalities. INSECURITY can foster deceptive-intelligence, which leads to 'wicked' behavior.


The Ministry of LOVE is the Ministry that sets the 'Believers' in GOD free! If you'd like this Ministry tour to visit your city, Mosque, Church or Study Group contact me through my inbox or through your local student Minister who can reach me directly at the N.O.I's National House in Chicago.


Brother Rasul is currently on a Nation-Wide Ministry of Love Tour to promote healing through the Teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, who taught that Music, Color and Medicine are the essence of the true religion of God.  Your financial support will enable him to share his 'Gifts' not just throughout the country, but ultimately around the world, to help heal people everywhere, regardless of their creed, class, race, or color.


Please Support The Man, The Message, The Music and help him to inspire those stricken by life changing illnesses.  Visit Rasul on Facebook and thank you for visiting





Nation of Islam

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