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Three dynamic concepts of 'SELF'

Updated: Nov 1, 2018

There are three dynamic concepts of Self I would like for us to consider, as we journey through life; 1- Self as an INDIVIDUAL, 2- Self as a COLLECTIVE, 3- Self as a CONNECTIVE. In the first dynamic we are far to selfish, vain and unfit to be an effective responsible friend, helper, lover, partner or team player in any inter-personal relationship.

We must grow and mature as an Individual into the concept of self as a COLLECTIVE, meaning that you must see the other person/s as an extension of yourself. This is seeing yourself as a part of the whole behaving and conducting your affairs with consideration of and for others.

As a CONNECTIVE in the third dynamic, you must understand that you are more than your form, flesh and blood. You are also spirit and in essence an extension of Allah (God). The Bible says ye are all gods children of the most High God. We must stay CONNECTED through prayer, our thoughts and our actions.

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Jean S
Jean S
Sep 10, 2021

Interesting thoughts I really enjoyed your blog


A disconnect or reconnect can happen in the twinkling of the eye. Both have to be monitored every millisecond of the day

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