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Words from your brother Rasul

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

JUSTICE is a law of nature and an essential attribute of the nature of GOD. In fact, so critically apart of the nature of creation is JUSTICE, that my father (The Honorable Elijah Muhammad) taught that it lays down with us at night when we rest and gets up with us when we rise in the morning.

JUSTICE could be summed up in the phrase; 'YOU REAP WHAT YOU SOW'. If that is so, then life is FARE in that JUSTICE dictates that we will all get out of life what we put into it. We will reap in our interpersonal relationships what our hearts demonstrate the courage to invest in them considering the nature of the life experiences of the people you choose to get INVOLVED with.

My words to you I hope will be encouraging us to not COMPLAIN which shames us amidst doing nothing with the abilities ALLAH (GOD) has endowed us with to meet and overcome ALL challenges in our lives. A word on JUSTICE is to CAUTION us in our journey through life, to exercise in ALL of our dealings with others and or in life situations this marvelous Divine attribute called COMPASSiON.

It means to have and exhibit a SENSE of CONCERN for other peoples and all living creatures RIGHT! The RIGHT to exist, thrive and survive according to the nature of it's design UNMOLESTED and UNDISTURBED. I close with the words of a WISE former President of the country of Mexico who was an AFRO-MEXICAN (BENITO JUAREZ) from the 19th century:

"RESPECT FOR THE RIGHTS OF OTHERS.. IS PEACE!". ALLAH (GOD) proves that HE is ONE by HIS UNIQUENESS evident in each and every one of HIS CREATURES.. Smile FB family and make this a GREAT DAY cause you are BLESSED!

Words from your brother Rasul.

Reprinted From A May 14, 2011 Facebook Post By Brother Rasul Muhammad

Edited by G.C. Productions, LLC All rights reserved according to this website

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