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In Response to a Timely Question

In the science of communication, the greatest statement and the most truthful that we could raise to one another is a question of ‘why?’. If your focus is on ALLAH then when you ask each other “why?”, you’re seeking the response of God’s truth from each other. It puts you and whoever you’re communicating with into the mindset and consciousness of ALLAH The Most High. So He is who I seek from you, and prayerfully He is what you get from me.

I received a great question from an anonymous commenter on my blog. Part of their question was “... if I have doubt, can I reach a level of patience to overcome the doubt?”. Here are my thoughts on that question:

Our beloved Minister, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan has taught us that ‘doubt’ is the mother of hypocrisy. It may be just semantics, but doubt does not lead to understanding in any way. It leads to our own mental betrayal of truth. As long as we allow our minds to possess or remain in a state of doubt we will never acquire the patience necessary to rid ourselves of the counterintelligence of doubt. I’m using the term ‘counterintelligence’ because it was doubt in the minds of cointelpro agencies that launched subversive actions against the idea of a Black Messiah coming up out of our people. Self-doubt works the same way. It prevents the rise of the Messianic attributes of ALLAH (God) in ourselves that delivers us from the mindset that fosters hypocrisy. So, the Holy Qur’an tells us that we hurl truth at falsehood until it knocks out its brains (HQ 21:18)! There is no progress that we will ever make intra- or inter-personally as long as we harbor or entertain doubt. The Holy Qur’an furthermore states that ALLAH made man to face difficulty. If this is our design, can you see what a great enemy to our own progress doubt is? First, confront and MURDER the enemy within called ‘doubt’ which causes you to lie to yourself and then everybody else. Doubt is truly the mother (nurturer) of hypocrisy.

“Why does Muhammad and any Muslim murder the devil?” This question is a very critical lesson for any Believer who practices a lifestyle that is centered on God. Even the Arabic word, which is one of the 99 Attributes of God, entitled ‘Muhammad’ which means “one who is worthy of praise and is praised much” must be taken into account when understanding the question “Why does Muhammad and any Muslim murder the devil?”. Muhammad, by definition, speaks to a disposition of mind that governs the actions and expression of any human being that is in a state of entire submission to the Will and Way of God. The term ‘murder’ is defined as the deliberate, intentional and violent action toward the perceived enemy that is in rebellion or disobedience to God. However, this does not speak to the enemy of God outside of us as much, or to the same degree, as the enemy within ourselves. ‘Devil’ in this question, refers to anything grafted from the original. Did you know, or have you ever considered, that a lie and falsehood or tricknology, which speaks to the science of diversionary tactics both verbally and in behavior, is in fact a grafted expression of truth? I find it highly scientific that man has developed a device called the “lie detector” that shows the development of stress in and on the brain when a person begins to lie when confronted with the truth. This evidence shows and confirms that our nature is truth and whenever you are in the presence of a lie, the nature of us reacts by showing signs of inordinate stress. For some, there is documentation that shows that when in the presence of a lie within your brain activity there is a dulling effect on your sensory. This is witnessed when authority figures begin to interrogate (question) us on incidents that we know the truth of but mentally decide to conceal. The concealing of truth by anyone that knows the truth when questioned on the truth becomes evident in expressions of behavior such as corporeal twitching and fidgeting down to eye twitching and verbal stuttering. These are not normal behaviors and never should be accepted as such. They are indications of the willful withholding of what God designed the human being to channel; but when we decide to withhold or stop the channeling of truth, it will show up as inordinate stress on the brain and reflect itself in human behavior visible in some corporeal display. There is truth in fictional movies about possessions where a demonic entity or spirit has taken possession of someone like in the movie “The Exorcist” and countless others that most are not aware of so they do not draw relative congruence from what they’re looking at on screen to their own behavior and the behavior of many close around them. It is absolutely essential that we consider the study of mental and spiritual departure or deviation from our nature found in others and ourselves. This is the beginning of self-correction and healing on any level. Biologically, we find elements in the Earth and in the atmosphere of space around us and, to some degree, inside of the human body. Likewise, there is no behavior that is exhibited by someone else that is not to a degree a display of the illness within us. Acceptance of this scientific fact is Step One in the direction of healing ourselves. As the Bible says, where God commands: “Physician, heal thyself”.

When we become angry at others' displayed sickness, notice how when you discover it in yourself you become angry likewise to yourself. Anger is a destructive emotion that requires great focus on controlling it so that the force alone does not utterly destroy us. Anger, psychologically, is rooted in pride. Pride is the mindset that makes us think that what is disturbing us is beneath us especially when it is displayed by someone before us. The scientific truth is that if it disturbs you and moves you to a negative emotion then it is not foreign to you. Instead, it is reflective of you.

Now let us look at this beautiful command of God that says do and be unto others as you would have others do and be unto you. This is not because they deserve it alone, but because it is the way to healing yourself of the illness displayed by your Brother and your Sister who are naturally connected to you. A very dangerous cancer in our thinking is when we begin playing “the blame game”. There are so many wonderful examples and adages that we use to make us conscious of the things that we do in error like “every time you point your finger at anyone, there are three other fingers pointing back at you” (smile). So, why does Muhammad (which is descriptive of a mindset in complete submission to the Righteousness of God which is Truth) ‘murder’ the devil? It is because wherever you find devil in yourself (which shows itself up as a cancer in your mind and thinking and behaviorally as a disruptive rebellion to righteous order) it can not be cured or reasoned with. Cancer cells are not ‘cured’ as in the cell that has become cancerous can be restored to healthy functioning, but any cell that has become cancerous must be killed because the nature of a cancer cell carries the force of self preservation with the aim of multiplying. Therefore we don’t even try to ‘cure’ the cell that now possesses cancer. We have to eliminate that cell that has gone bad like the plucking of a bad apple out of the barrel of good apples in order to preserve the good health of the rest.

In my conclusion for now, nature expels that which it cannot use for good and preserves only that which nurtures it for good. We see this in the process of digestion in the stomach and through our intestines in the body for any and everything we put in it. We must learn to do the same for our minds and spirit. The good of what we experience through life must be preserved as such so that it becomes a lesson. What is not deemed good in our life experience, we must, without the sludge of emotion, eliminate as waste that we cannot use. This must be done expeditiously so that a growth likened to a tumor does not develop in the body or the brain that may become malignant. All unnatural growth must be destroyed, eliminated, and morally ‘murdered’ in the effort of preserving your own life. When a single cell in the body is found to be malignant, murder is a scientific term that requires its destruction before it utterly destroys us.

This post, as inspired by a timely question, is worthy of greater discussion. So, for homework (smile) get with your family members and friends and discuss the apparent cancers in your intra and interpersonal relationships; and if you are sincere, using The Eight Steps of Atonement given by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, you will find that you’re helping each other arrive at that most desired eighth step which is called perfect union with ALLAH (God), who is The Creator and Cultivator of Self, and with each other. 😇

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