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Deceptive Intelligence

I first heard this combination of words “deceptive intelligence” by my principal teacher, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, whereby the full statement is as follows: “Deceptive intelligence rationalizes disobedience to God…”. Intelligence is basically defined as any creature’s natural ability to learn and acquire knowledge through life experience or the decoding of information. Deception is commonly understood as either a trick or something or someone that is misleading with information and/or appearance.

Recently, I was captivated by a program that was narrated by a Mr. David Attenborough called “Life in Color”. In this particular segment of his many episodes of the study of wildlife on our planet, he deals with deceptive intelligence that differs from the Minister’s usage of the term (to delineate the intention of a people over another). Mr. Attenborough showed how deceptive intelligence is in the nature of many lower creatures to man as a form of survival as well as camouflage to acquire gains.

As we look into the wild kingdom of animals and we see the splendor of colors and striped designs, have you ever wondered how animals see each other? To a reindeer, a large Bengal tiger may be hard to identify in spite of it being the largest of all wildcats. This is basically because to the reindeer, the tiger’s stripes cannot be discerned. Its orange coloring, to the reindeer, looks like a variation of the color green causing it to blend in with the forest or jungle. A zebra, even with its large body and stripes, is hard for the tiger to discern when the stripes are in motion because it creates an optical confusion for the tiger.

While watching this program with my wife, we commented to each other how ALLAH (God) is so masterful in his design of even the lowest of creatures. He has built security into their design as a protection for their survival. While watching this program and thinking about deceptive intelligence, which many species of life use for survival, my mind went to how in the nature displayed historically by White Caucasian people, they must see the Original Indigenous Man of the Earth quite differently from how the Black and Brown, people of color, see them. NOTE: I am attempting to be objective and scientific with this comparison, with the help of Almighty God ALLAH, so that I show scientifically how one race sees the rest of Original/Indigenous people inherently as alien to them, which produces a discriminative affect in relationship from the natural compassion that comes from the empathetic characteristics that exist and historically is displayed in the nature with people of color.

6,000 years of history shows the Caucasian people identified stereotypically as the blond haired, blue eyed people, from the Nordic regions of Europe as a very murderous species of humans who do not kill simply for survival to consume, but instead, they commonly kill other life, including other human beings, for sport and play. NOTE: Sport and play are two separate terms with the same meaning fundamentally, which are defined as acts of diversion. Introspectively, darker Indigenous people of our planet, in comparison to the Northern White Caucasian, are much more sensitive and humane through the Godly attribute of compassion. The Northern Caucasian, from the cold caves and hillsides of Europe, historically function with far less empathy for both fellow human beings and lower creatures such as animals, both land and marine, even unto the fowl of the air.

While I was watching the program entitled “Life in Color”, the story or/and history of the origin of White Caucasian people came to my mind, specifically the father of this race of people YAKUB. It is my scientific observation in reviewing the history of Yakub, as taught by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in his book “Message to the Blackman in America” under the section entitled “The Making of Devil”, how what Yakub discovered as a boy of 6 years of age playing with two pieces of steel came to know his purpose in life as geneticist; that he would make a race of people that would not be like in nature to the Original people they would be derived from through a process called ‘grafting’. As a reference for those who, reading these words, think this is ‘racist’ or ‘discriminative’ in nature from emotion, please review the scientific findings of Gregor Mendel (1822-1884). Mr. Mendel’s experiments found that you could get the lighter recessive from the darker dominant, but you could not get the darker dominant from the lighter recessive. This is how we know that the Black man and woman are anthropologically the true natural fathers and mothers of humankind. I learned also by scientific observation how even human beings use deceptive intelligence so as to not become prey to other men who by nature, without discipline and cultivation, are like wild beasts regardless of their creed, class, or color.

Have you ever studied, to any depth, how your five senses work? When you wear clothes, do you ever think consciously of the effects on the psyche of other people your color combination may be having? Learning to be responsible individuals involves considering how our presence affects others through the senses. What effect does wearing a bright red dress, for a woman, or a bright red shirt, for a man, have on other people especially when adding the emotional expression of anger or a lower desire as an expression of your sexuality? Why is it that in business, specifically in corporate structures, we men wear dark suits as opposed to flamboyant colors? When conducting business, you want the focus of the mind of whomever you are dealing with to focus on non-seductive colors that can become distracting to the seriousness of business at hand. It’s a tactic that scientifically hopes to maintain the tone of serious-mindedness.

In former discotheques and current clubs and lounges, scientists of these places of recreation learned that because of the consumption of intoxicants, it was better to not use colors like red for the carpet or the furniture, as these colors incited aggressiveness in people combined with the effects of alcohol and illegal drugs, was the perfect incubator for violent behavior often resulting in mayhem and even death. Studies were conducted with the effects of colors on inmates in prison where they painted a cell blue, from the floor to the ceilings and the walls, and when the inmate was put into this blue colored cell, their attitudes and behavior became aggressive and they felt particularly strong, even physically stronger. Then they experimented by painting a cell pink and the inmates they put in such a cell, they became far weaker in their response and reactionary behavior.

Colors are variations and degrees of light. They also emit a vibration that can calm and stabilize or upset and destabilize the sanity of human life. To the reader, you can take this or let it alone. What I am writing is not based on opinion, and much less conjecture, this is science; and like mathematics, it can be proven in no limit of time. Why is this being written? It is because regardless of the circumstances or quality of our bodies (smile) we have the ability, with applied science, to modify and moderate our behavior and quality of both our intra- and inter- personal relationships. Even if the following words hit you as cliché, it still stands true: where there’s a will, there’s a way. 😇

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