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The Price for Redemption (Part 2)

“Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, We believe, and will not be tried?”

“And indeed We tried those before them, so Allah will certainly know those who are true and He will know the liars.”

(Holy Qur’an Chapter 29:2-3)

As fellow students in ALLAH (God) and life, our study must be based on a principle understanding that all in life by ALLAH (God)’s Permission, is and will be a trial and challenge. The above two verses from the Holy Qur’an tell us why and how our challenges in life are ordained. This is a critical point for the reader to understand so that we are not turned off, distracted or overpowered by opposition to our faith which is summed up in our trials as a Believer in God in our total submission to His Will.

Too many of us take for granted our word, both expressed by mouth as well as declared in mind, that we believe in God or whatever we claim to believe at a given moment without considering the natural law of God that is in nature itself that will produce a trial and counter response to all of our claims in order to discern and determine whether or not what we claim is true or false. If our claims are false, then we become known amongst our loved ones and all who witness and behold our expression as a deceiver. If our claim concerning what we believe is True, then the evidence of that truth is always found in actual facts! So, we who follow the example of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan in the teachings of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, must be exemplary in both speech and behavior of that truth so that we should never be found deceiving anyone, starting with ourselves.

I think it is an absolute must that we consider the opening two verses from the Holy Qur’an which started this post (Chapter 29:2-3). Truth develops character and paves the way in life for success! This is our desire in writing these posts and referencing the word of ALLAH (God) so as to ensure the success of our readers by simply developing the habit of referencing and remembering ALLAH (God) in everything we say and do. And besides; what better way than by this principle as your Brother can I express to you, the reader, that I love you. I want you to be successful in all that you do in life! 😇

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