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The Discovery of God in Self

The Greatest 'SECRET', that has been kept from Man for 66 trillion years, is the Reality of GOD. If the True Identity of GOD had not been kept from the Original people, there would never have been an atheist, agnostic, or idolater.

'Secret': "something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others.

something that is not properly understood; a mystery.

a valid but not commonly known or recognized method of achieving or maintaining something." (Oxford)

We could ask the intelligent question "why has this knowledge, essential to the whole of Creation, been withheld?"I liken this question to whether or not a newborn baby knows its parent’s profession, or last completed level of education. The only thing an infant needs to know from its parents, is whether or not, by experience, it will receive food, clothing, and shelter from the natural elements. So it is in the development of us as human beings and our pursuit of the Knowledge of GOD. Again, the Scriptures of the Bible tell us to get acquainted with GOD is to get acquainted with self. This implies that the ‘secret’ of GOD”s Identity, while in all of His Creation, is greatest in the human being. Let’s look at the power of a single thought.

There is a physical, mathematical reality that confirms the Truth of our thoughts, if not betrayed by our will. It is the human will that distinguishes us from all living sub-creatures, confirmed in our intelligence. However, our thoughts and ideas are propelled and nurtured by our will. The strength of an individual, no matter how advanced their intellectual thoughts, is determined by the integrity and focus of their will. This can be decoded in the Quranic words that tell us that all ALLAH (GOD) has to do is say to anything “Be” and it is.

Our current inability to maintain a single focus on anything is the culprit as to why said idea or thought fails to launch. Think right now, again, from the Bible, that we are all gods, yet Children of the Most High GOD. Definitive of a child is their inability to focus their thoughts, which is why we are not born patient or disciplined, but must develop it as we mature. We as human beings, walk around with the immense capacity like that of The Creator to say to anything “Be” and it becomes.

Let’s look at our individual value, invested in the material things that we see. Now try to imagine, projecting value from the womb of our minds and thinking, before maturing it into matter. This is where geniuses are born, and furthermore, this is where invention is achieved and GOD is discovered!

Our thoughts create the atmosphere that either maintains or destroys us. Many of us counter our good thoughts with negatives that are so powerful that we are self-defeated before any good thought can come to life. Our thoughts are the construct of the life we live in. You don’t like the events in your life? Change them by the quality of your thinking! Our thoughts, like photons, produce gravity and magnetic pull. This, in the science of physics, confirms how we actually bring into existence the formation of our actual thinking.

I will leave you for now with a little mental work to reflect on how our most sustained mental attitude about things or persons have actually created the quality of the realities that we live in. Please do not EVER take for granted how you feel about someone, as this feeling is what promotes and compels the quality of things in your environment. 😇

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ASA- Reality/truth betrayed by our will....Had not considered that! Talk about taking ownership for one's actions!

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