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On Monsters, Evil, and Knowledge of Self

The following reflections represent three separate streams of consciousness brought about by comments from fellow students:

DO YOU KNOW YOUR MONSTER POTENTIAL?' Monster: "an inhumanely cruel or wicked person" (Oxford). This is demonstrative of the attitude and conduct of many of us at different emotional moments, which means we must be very careful in this time, with everyone, regardless of who they are, including ourselves. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad once described the biblical description of leviathan, the great monster that comes out of the sea, as demonstrative of the monster that comes out of the sea of self when we are disturbed or brought to an extreme measure of negative emotion.

In response to a comment regarding the definition of evil as "exceeding the bounds or limits": This brings to mind how evil is used by God to bring about 'CHANGE'. In the positive, to exceed any limit, by the law of physics, would represent expansion. Expansion is one of the 99 Attributes of ALLAH. This is a scientific perspective that must be properly construed by the moral standard of ALLAH (GOD). Outside of ALLAH's moral law, may become an ill intention, resulting in malignant 'EVIL'.

My response to a comment from a dear brother and fellow Believer:

His comment: "I grew up under a loving dictatorship (authoritarian rule). My Mother Was a Loving Dictator"

My response: I loved the way you described the rule of your mother as "LOVING". With proper understanding, this is how a Believer in GOD should look at a 'Theocracy' from the standpoint of GOD. As we know, the Greek word 'Theo' means "God". The phonetic pronunciation of the Greek "Theo" is identical to the Latin/Spanish "Tio", meaning uncle. Master Fard Muhammad described us as His uncle, yet at the same time, He's identifying us as the God-head tribe of Shabazz. Please refer to English Lesson C1. I think what makes the 'Supreme Wisdom' given to us in the Nation of Islam so powerfully heartfelt, is the fact that it brings us into the Knowledge of GOD, which gives us a knowledge of self. Think about this; to learn that we are not only loved by GOD but, we are actually genetically the extension of the Family of GOD, which confirms as the Bible tells us: to get acquainted with GOD is to get acquainted with self.

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