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My thoughts about this thing called GRACE!

Here is something to consider. We are all living in a period of AMAZING GRACE and I fear, really do not understand it! If you are the type of person that thinks you DESERVE ANYTHING from GOD and the people you love, you are dangerously mistaken and ill advised by your false pride.

GRACE is a TEMPORARY IMMUNITY or EXEMPTION from some thought, deed or imperfection exhibited and whose negative effects or consequences are withheld for a time by GOD or someone in authority, rank or position with power to affect the quality of your life. In religion with GOD as the central focus, GRACE is better understood as GOD's favor or help to man. My teacher the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan defines GRACE as undeserved kindness.

GRACE is not forever. It is an act of benevolence on behalf of GOD or someone who loves you that decidedly ignores for a time, your ignorance of the universal law of justice that dictates for every action an equal reaction, or that you reap what you sow and as the Holy Quran says; "Nothing befalls man other than what MAN's own hand has wrought (DONE)". Except that there be the divine intervention of MERCY and GRACE from GOD or someone more able than you in the moment. At one time we were and many are still under the GOOD GRACES of our Mothers or Parents. Every time the date of our birth comes around we think we deserve recognition, a party and gifts. However, on the date of your birth who labored to bring you into the world? So, who DESERVES recognition, celebration and gifts? YOUR MOTHER! In all interpersonal relationships no matter how much you give in and to it as spouses, parents, brothers, sisters or friends; you don't as much deserve or merit from each other as much as you in truth are in constant NEED for GOD and each other.

GRACE from man is generally challenged by the disappointment of his ego. Because your ego is always desperate for attention, reward, acknowledgement and worst of all PRAISE. So sick and subtle can our egos be that when giving GRACE, it pretends to take the place of GOD. But, our egos inevitably, lack the PATiENCE of GOD. As such, our version of GRACE exhibited by our egos become worn and torn by disappointment after disappointment until GRACE becomes followed up by a collection notice, foreclosure, eviction or simply evil intended from the very one who once exhibited good GRACE.

When we take an honest look at self out of the SPIRIT of HUMILITY, you will find yourself giving birth to a new and more wonderful characteristic that will almost always avoid, prevent calm any interpersonal storm, it's called GRATITUDE!

I know, I know, easier said.. BUT STILL, MUST BE DONE!

-Your brother Rasul-

Reprinted From A June 3, 2011 Facebook Post By Brother Rasul Muhammad

Edited by G.C. Productions, LLC All rights reserved according to this website

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