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Let Us Study What the Following Two Words Share in Common: Exercise and Exorcism

Exercise: “a performance or activity having a strongly marked secondary or ulterior aspect” (Merriam-Webster dot com); “physical or mental activity that you do to stay healthy or become stronger” (Oxford Learner’s Dictionary dot com).

Exorcism: “a spell or formula used in exorcising” (Merriam-Webster dot com);

“the act of removing the bad effects of a frightening or upsetting event” (Cambridge Dictionary dot com).

What I find in common with the definitions above for exercise and exorcism phonetically and by verbal definition is that in both cases it is the action of expelling EVIL. Evil is a word, like an exorcism, that ignorance interprets in Hollywood fashion. However, evil in and of itself simply means to exceed the limit for a measure. In an exorcism, comparable to an exercise, both words share a common objective which is to expel a status or state of mind that enslaves a person from better mental, spiritual, and physical health. The antidote to the above three words, that ignorance misconstrues, is by the process of expelling from any being the excess whose status promotes illness and dysfunction in the body. In essence, whatever ‘static’ in the mind and its thinking, or in the body as its otherwise proper functioning, must be expelled by a common means which could be summarized in the following two words: it must be “Worked Out”!

When we go to the gym, we perspire by working out. This process expels toxins from our bodies and promotes energy and wellness. Even our attitudes are more invigorated with a positive quality. Our speech is more uplifting. Our interactions with family and friends become energized with a more hopeful sense of being! Lazy people whose activity status is more sedentary have personalities that are more reactionary than proactive. In other words, these persons rarely ever take the initiative on anything and require the force of someone acting upon them for validation.

NOTE: Be very careful of falling into this status of existence, because if your personality becomes active or productive only when acted upon, then you can easily become used and abused by almost anyone that has a proactive status. A lazy, sludge-like status of being, as we can see, is a status that sets you up to becoming a victim. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan reminded us of this 35 years ago, on the historic occasion of “Hands Around Big Mountain”. This event came about when the U.S. Government discovered precious uranium in the territory of Big Mountain, which is in the northern region of the state of Arizona. The Minister shared with us the argument that while these were sacred grounds to our Navajo brothers and sisters and the preservation of many of these sacred lands are legitimate, there is a universal law that says, “what you don't use, you lose”.

I’d like to draw a comparison to many of us and the quality and status of our lives. Some of us are grumpy, disgruntled, and dissatisfied in our current lifestyles, yet as individuals we have great potential, full of talent and skills. However, without the energy or our wills, we remain void in our status and dead in our activities. The whole of our communities under and in a “job culture”, meaning we are looking for jobs and waiting to be hired, makes us a community that is reactionary only to outward forces acting upon us as employers of our abilities in exchange for a paycheck. When will we take the initiative to hire our own talent and skills? When will we acknowledge the need for pulling our own resources and recognizing the necessity for group operation and activities within our own communities? If not now, WHEN!? Our collective improved status is literally just an “initiative” away.

While you may have been expecting the orientation of this post to deal with what some may have thought an “exorcism” is, I wanted to show the reader truly, without the Hollywood effect, how to EXPEL evil from self and your communal environment with and by a renewed, invigorated and positive exorcising of your God given will to overcome all obstacles and oppositions that repress and stand in the way of our progress!

I’d like to conclude this post with words I’ve used in previous posts, inspired by a poster I saw years ago, on the side of a building in Downtown Chicago with a little black boy depicted that goes as follows: “I know I’m somebody, ‘cause God don’t make junk.” If you believe this, then take in the following words from the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad from his last public address during Saviours’ Day 1974: “Now is not the time to ask what to do. Get up and do something…!” 😇

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