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In response to a question from an atheist about the nature of Free Will

Question: "So if these scientists create this robot with 'free will', does the robot have the choice to use it? Free will 'because the boss says you have it' is not free will. This is the problem with free will and a personal omniscient god if you ask me."


The concept of GOD being within you, for me, makes clear sense on the issue of free will. Like all living things and organisms, the activity of our free will requires that we develop our intelligence (our ability to learn). Intelligence in the human being is in our DNA. The construction of a robot or computer, no matter how advanced, is not equal to the organic matter created in this physical, material universe. It's more like a mechanical simulation through which electricity carrying data is essential. We too, as human beings, carry the current of the electrical charge generated by the sun. However, then we end up with the mystery of what or Who is fueling the sun. Linguistically, in my school of discipline, as a Muslim, we call this the Will of ALLAH (GOD).

As stated in Message to the Blackman "For thousands of years, the people who did not have the knowledge of the person, or reality, of God worshiped their own ideas of God."

Please let me know your thoughts on the following quote from an article written by my Mother, Tynnetta Muhammad's column "Unveiling the Number 19" in the Final Call Newspaper, Vol. 30 No. 12:

"According to the Nation of Islam's sacred Book of Lessons called 'The Supreme Wisdom,' we are taught that there is not a mystery God and that the Son of man has searched for that mystery God for trillions of years and was unable to find a mystery God. They have agreed that the only God is the Son of man. So they lose no time searching for that that does not exist. The greatest secret that has been kept for trillions of years is the Reality of God who is not a spirit or a spook that is unknown, but rather is known by the wise scientists on our planet earth and elsewhere in our Galactic Community as the Supreme Being in Human form possessing Power and Authority over all of the Divine Creation." To be continued, the full article in my next post Thank you so much for reading these words. 😇

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