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God's Healing Power


In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

Allah (God), in His Absolute, Perfect Knowledge of His Creation, has provided for us in the Earth everything we need to have a beautiful, health-filled, long and productive life. Something has interfered with that. What is that something?

Our illnesses are due directly to our rebellion against divine Will and Law. Sickness is not natural; health is natural. When we are sick, something is wrong with the way we think and live and what we eat and drink.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad has taught us that Allah (God) has always intended long life for the righteous. When you open your Bible to the Book of Genesis, you read of the old patriarchs who lived 400, 500, 900, nearly 1,000 years. You may think that is fantasy, because you hardly know anyone that makes 100-years-old. To live nearly 1,000 years is not a fantasy—the old patriarchs knew the Law of Life and they kept themselves in harmony with that Law.

There is a song they sing in church, “I Ain't No Ways Tired”—we should not be so tired at the age of 70 or 80 that we want to leave here. We have not learned enough about anything to want to die. We have not learned how to live. We must study how to perpetuate and keep in motion this wonderful life that Almighty God has blessed us with.

The human being has to keep in a certain way in order to be worthy to hold the Spirit of Life. This finely tuned magnificent creation is its own hospital. We can cure this body of ills that it has if the person inside the body knows how to connect with the Powerful Being that created it and then makes up his or her mind to live in accord with the Law of Life that sustains it.

The Earth purifies itself.

You can pollute water, but it will continue to run and purify itself. You can pollute the body and if you know how to cleanse it, you can save it.

The Earth has a relationship with the sun as well as a relationship with the family of planets of which it is a major part in the Universe. Look at the relationship between the Earth and the Sun. The light of the sun is what the Earth depends on for Motion and Light. The Earth cannot move on its own. There is a Force that is moving the Earth and the Force that moves the Earth is the Power of the Light coming from the Sun.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us that the Sun gives everything its color. The Sun up there that we take for granted is the source of Life, Light and Energy. In its rays are billions of vitamins that we cannot get anywhere else. There are some vitamins in the Sun that we cannot get from any planet life—so to run from the Sun is to run from Life itself.

That Sun and the Earth—what a magnificent relationship! This Earth spins by the Power in the Light and that spinning gives us seasons.

That motion is what puts Life and Energy in the Earth. When you walk on the Earth, you may think you are moving on concrete, but study it and you will realize that it is a living ball.

Look at the little blades of grass coming up through the concrete. Look at the little creatures. Go out to the park sometimes and sit on the Earth out of which you came and to which you must one day return. Feel it on your hands and feet. Go to the sea and look at the various forms of life in the sea. We are surrounded by Life! Why is there so much sickness and death among us when Life is all around?

Beloved, when you are disconnected from Faith in Allah (God), you are forced to rely on your own limited knowledge to sustain you in a world you really know very little of. No wonder we are sick, diseased and covered with death. There is no Healing outside of Allah (God). He is the Healer. Doctors do not heal; nursing does not cure. The only Healer is the Creator Himself and when you do not have a connection to the Creator, more than half of your power is gone.

Righteous people who put their trust in Allah (God) are already on the path to victory over disease; if we have Faith in Allah (God) and also know how to eat to live and how to think right, there is nothing of disease that we cannot overcome.

Paul wrote, “The wages of sin is death.” What kind of death is he referring to, since everybody has to die? The kind of death that the prophets die is not the kind of death we die. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches that Allah (God) does not take a prophet's life without that prophet's permission. You have never read in Scripture where a prophet was on his way to the market and suddenly died of a heart attack. Allah (God) has so much love and respect for His Servants that He will not take them without their permission.

You have read in the Bible and the Holy Qur'an instances where Allah (God) gave a prophet a certain number of years to work and then granted that prophet's request for an extension. He continues to send Messages for a time and then the prophet finally decided, “It is time for me to come in now, I have done my work.” There is no sense in staying around after you have completed your job.

The prophets did not live long. They did not live 500, 600, 800 years. Were they sinners? No. They were from the people they spoke to and Allah (God) had already set the time for the people to live in the world, based upon the degree of sin that the people were living in. Moses lived 120 years. That was the time that Allah (God) gave the people of the world. By the time of David, the wickedness of the world had gotten so bad, until the days of life shortened to three score and ten, which is 70 years.

The prophets knew how to live, but they were in such an adverse world, Allah (God) allowed them to do their work and then He took them away—but when the man Jesus comes, He is a different kind of man, according to both the Holy Qur'an and the Bible. The Jesus figure comes to end death and introduce to the people a way to live that will extend their days. “I come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.”

You and I must rid ourselves of the burden that we carry. If you are awake and conscious, you cannot do things you know are wrong and not bear the burden and scar of your own actions. When you know what is right and willfully go against what is right, then your mind carries a burden. That is called the burden of sin and sin produces the death of the mind and spirit.

You cannot fool Allah (God) and you cannot fool yourself. You know what you did last night and what you did last week. Sin is something you cannot forget. You can forget some of your good deeds, because good is in accordance with your entire nature and does not burden you. But every evil thing you ever did in your life, even as a small child, is a burden on you. You can remember it and call it back, because it is not natural.

Sin is not natural to you. If you invaded your brother's house when he was not looking and took his wife, that is a burden. If you saw a woman on the bus that other night and slapped her and took her pocketbook so you could buy some crack (cocaine), you have a heavy burden. You may have been high at the time, so you don't think it registers.

But, one day, when you come out of the effect of the drug, you will feel the pain of a searing hot flame on your conscience, then you will know why Jesus comes to the human being, “God forgives.”

You and I need a God that will say, “I forgive you.” Do you know what that means for Allah (God) to wipe your slate clean? That is why Muslim followers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad look so good—because when we submit our will to do the Will of Allah (God), immediately, everything you ever did in your days of ignorance, even if it was murder, is wiped away as though it had never been. What mercy! How wonderful!

The way to relieve yourself of the burden of sin is to recognize that confession is good for the soul. Do not go to the preacher to confess, go to Allah (God). You have no intercessor between you and your Creator. You do not need any minister, priest, father or pope. Go to your Creator and talk to Him, because He already knows. Then you openly confess. No one has to be there, just you; if you are sincere and sorry over what you did, you will start crying as you pray because you are so sad for what you did.

When you finish your prayer you will feel clean and when you come out from the private place where you confess your faults, the burden is lifted. Don't ever go back to that behavior ever, ever again. When you make up your mind and not go back to that behavior, you are free of it.

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