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You can CREATE your own ATMOSPHERE

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Have you considered how critically important ATMOSPHERE / ENVIRONMENT is to the quality of your life?

No, I am not simply talking about the air we breath or the Planetary atmosphere that was established by ALLAH (GOD) for us in this human form before we were born. Consider if you would, the following definition for the word 'Atmosphere': "A dominant intellectual or emotional environment or attitude."

Have you and do you ever stop to think how much your thoughts, mental and emotional attitudes go into the make-up of YOUR atmosphere? Look at this scripture from the Bible; "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he". A Great scientist from Japan named Mr. Emoto experimented on the effects of human mental and emotional attitudes on water molecules, discovering that water molecules ABSOLUTELY react and are effected by our varying mental and emotional attitudes.

The human brain is said to be 90% water, and of every thought we think causes a chemical (liquid) secretion that takes place in the body changing and or altering our internal ATMOSPHERE.

How much water / moisture is in the air we breath? What degree and kind of effect do our thoughts have on and in that air we breath? Are we polluting / contaminating our own atmosphere by the quality of our own thoughts? What are thoughts? Where do they come from? What are the sources out of which your thinking, imagination and ideas are derived?

Do these questions bore you? Reading this, do you feel intellectually ATTACKED!? If so, we have just made a fascinating discovery; IGNORANCE has an immune system that seeks to preserve itself.

So powerful is this immune system for the IGNORANT state of mind that in that state, in an effort to preserve itself, the mind starts dictating emotional and intellectual survival responses from a reactionary state of STRESS. Whatever the mind perceives to itself is real; even though in the material Universe what the mind may be perceiving has not actually happened. Our minds are far too powerful to sanely handle on our own for this reason rational people find Peace in surrendering their thoughts, aims, purpose in life to GOD.

The Holy Quran teaches that the remembrance of ALLAH (GOD) is the greatest FORCE. This is because just to think on GOD in the mind is an ORGANIZING force that banishes CONFUSION (Disorder of thought). The presence of the mere idea of GOD constructs it's own IMMUNE SYSTEM which seeks to preserve itself and in doing so creates its own ATMOSPHERE!

ATMOSPHERE SUSTAINS LIFE!!!! Get busy and renew your ATMOSPHERE by surrendering your will to serve GOD's Will and save yourself. Remember your limit is ONLY the one you put on yourself.

Please acknowledge a GREAT DAY! - From your brother Rasul -

Reprinted From A July 27, 2011 Facebook Post By Brother Rasul Muhammad

Edited by G.C. Productions, LLC All rights reserved according to this website

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