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Can a People be Delivered from Evil Without a Process of Expelling Evil Tendencies?

I am looking at the connection between the Messiah and his work of delivering we, the People of God, from the evil of this world and it’s reward, and the word and meaning of an actual exorcism. There cannot be an ‘exorcism’ without the focus of expelling evil tendencies or an evil inclination in us as a people.

Of course, my usage of this term ‘exorcism’ is such because I am also attempting, through these writings, to affect an expiation in the thinking of the reader from a mysterious mode or approach to the study of natural science. This starts with the demystifying of the reality of GOD and all of His Creation. If we can demystify our concept of the above, when you think about an ‘exorcism’ you will approach this matter from the standpoint of its scientific definition as opposed to thinking about the movie with Linda Blair (LOL).

Remember, an exorcism is basically defined as the process of expelling evil spirits. I look at the scriptural reference and prophecy of a Resurrection of the People of God from mental and spiritual death and ignorance as requiring the process of an exorcism to be achieved. In other words, there is an intimate connection between spiritual resurrection and the process of an exorcism. There must be an expelling of evil tendencies from our behavior, conduct and, primarily, in the disciplining of our mind and thinking.

This is what is meant by cleanliness being next to Godliness. As we clean and straighten the rooms where we spend time, we must likewise clean and straighten up (organize) our mind for proper thinking. And then what we will experience is the thinking of GOD. This is also what is meant when the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan states as a study guide for all who want to improve their state of being: “Rising Above Emotions into the Thinking of God”, also understood as Study Guide 18. Notice the intimate connection between our appetite and tendency to our emotional state of mind in the absence of any real control or discipline. We say and do what we do and say in any ‘ol kind of way. Some of us even top it off with the common expression…”I’m just sayin’.” (LOL)

Let’s take a brief look at the term “just”. While there are many definitions for this term, the following is what may be the extent of what it means on the most common level where it is most commonly used: “only, simply” (Merriam Webster dot com). ‘Only’ and ‘simply’ pretty much characterizes the substance in most of our conversations today. Could this be why in most cases we are uninspired by what and how we communicate with each other where real substantive information is likely to not be conveyed? An expulsion of this evil tendency that denies intellectual and spiritual development of the recipient of our ‘just’ and ‘only’ becomes an absolute must. Our concept of God must never be stoic. Nothing in creation is stoic or without movement and progression. Even the revealed word of God must never be represented nor preached in a stoic manner. Within the Bible speaks of God as being he who was, is (present) and is to come. This description of God means that God is in his own process, alive, in motion, evolving, transitioning and never stoic.

I will venture to say that when and if God is preached, or simply discussed as a ‘was’, meaning in past tense without the qualification of its living congruency to present time, your concept of God is actually dead. Deep down, scientifically, at the core of many of our thinking, because we do not pay attention to proper organizing of our thinking before expression, our concept on God and everything relative to him becomes trapped in a time zone as opposed to translucent and transitioning through time, which is how God exists in the mind of a Believer who is not stuck on the time-track of life. Hopefully, we can see the need to expel any and every concept that idolizes God and the doing of good. Note the difference between the two following words: idol and idle. Idol: “an object of extreme devotion”; “a false conception (fallacy)” (Merriam Webster dot com). In the word ‘idle’, in this variation of the spelling, yet phonetically sounds the same and has a similar meaning: “to run at low power and often disconnected usually so that power is not used for useful work” (Merriam Webster dot com).

I’d like to note here, the words of the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad in a chapter written in his book, “Message to the Blackman in American”, entitled “Who is That Mystery God Part 1”:

“For thousands of years, the people who did not have the knowledge of the person, or reality, of God worshiped their own ideas of God. He has been made like many things other than what He really is. The Christians refer to God as a “Mystery” and a “Spirit” and divide Him into thirds. One part they call the Father, another part the Son, and the third part they call the Holy Ghost--which makes the three, one. This is contrary to both nature and mathematics.”

Since we are in the time of the Resurrection of the mentally and spiritually dead to the life of our entire submission and reflection of the life of ALLAH (God), observe if you would, how some of us when a ‘Truth’ is being spoken they become uncomfortable in the presence of that Truth. They may start fiddling with their watch, a part of their clothing or something on the table in front of them. They may even begin behaving in a way that is very distracting. One day, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad stated as a description of some of the people at his dinner table as well as a description of some who when either the name of Master Fard Muhammad, our Saviour, is mentioned, or himself, that many, even Laborers, will begin fidgeting, looking for an excuse to be excused from the conversation that otherwise is edifying to the Believer.

Exorcisms, or in the process of expelling evil spirits that to some degree we all have expressed from the jinn within, is REAL! ...To be continued 😇

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