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Bridging the Communication Gap

The first principle in communication should be to consider ‘what’ and ultimately ‘who’ we are communicating with. I know this may be a strange way to begin this post. However, in communication between two or more human beings there is the flesh form that we see and there is the spirit, or energy, that we don’t. So when communicating, or attempting to (smile), with another person we must consider these two realities that may not be in sync with one another in anyone that we’re addressing at any given moment.

As strange as this may be to some, most human beings are out of sync with themselves. That is to say that many of us communicate out of an aspect or characteristic of what is visual and/or detectable by the five senses. This is not bad or to be taken lightly given that we have all or some of these five senses functional. However, while talking to one another we know that whomever we are speaking to can hear us because there is some physical or audible reaction. Yet how do we know if and when we are communicating with the spirit within the person we may be talking to? If, as a Believer in God, we are taught by His Revealed Word that He is the Only True Reality and Omnipresent, then He, ALLAH (God) is as a network or website through which all created entities can and must communicate if we are to truly reach one another’s spirit and/or essence.

Am I my spirit, my gender or my form? Which justifies what you see being what you get? The Bible tells us that Jesus was the Seed of David by way of the flesh but the Son of God by way of the Spirit (Romans 1:3-4). Is this speaking of Jesus alone or the whole of humanity? The Bible furthermore tells us that we are all gods, children of the Most High God (Psalm 82:6). Well if this is accepted as true then the language that conscious human beings must learn to reach the essence or spirit of each other must be the Language of God. The Language of God is the expression of Love, Compassion, Mercy, Beneficence, and it is also destructive and creative. All of the Attributes of God are subject to His Will. So there is a destructive side to the creative side of Divinity that we all possess, potentially; and if you want to know how destructive or positively creative you are to others by way of the quality of your communication, study the effects you have on others as well as the quality of your intrapersonal relationships.

“I am God”. This means I have power over cause and effect. For this reason, the Holy Qur’an reads that nothing befalls us other than what our own hand has wrought (Surah 42 Verse 30). Remember, wrought means something we’ve done or do imperfectly or incorrectly, as children often do. As such, whatever we do within a certain time frame, it begets a result that is imperfect or incorrect which can result in pain, suffering, and diminution of wealth and the development of PROBLEMS. So the Bible says again, “Ye are all gods, children of the Most High God”. This means humanity is going through a maturation process.

I’d like us to consider problems not as condemnation but situations and circumstances meant by ALLAH (God) to be solved! It may sound strange but problems are actually blessings that grow us up into the purpose and aim of Almighty God ALLAH, The Creator. We, the human being, were not designed to be defeated! Do not waste time seeking and hoping for a life without challenges. A life without challenges is no life at all! A life without problems is no life at all! Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “if you do not complain to any creature you will be of the happiest of men.” This hadith or saying of the Prophet most affected me by the words “complain to any creature” because, at a glance, I thought it should have read “complain to any person”. However, when you consider the life force that is in botany, animals and the atmosphere itself, there is life that flows through them all, all the way down to a microscopic organism. Which means, and makes sense, that the disposition of a single human being has a direct effect on the frequencies of everything in creation in one way or another. We are the sum of it all!

What happens when we complain, even to ourselves? We corrupt our Divinity. Yes, we distort our capacity to say to any thing or situation ‘Be!’ and it is. ‘Be’ is the power term of God that brings whatever is in His Mind into reality! The Holy Qur’an says that ALLAH created man to face difficulties. Which of the difficulties in your life that you now face are causing you to doubt in the design and purpose of God in you? Remember, doubt is the mother of hypocrisy because wherein we doubt, we begin to nurture our hypocrisy... To Be Continued… 😇

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3 comentarios

Miembro desconocido
07 may 2022

Thank you for your response. This is on time, because it gives me something to measure self in this moment and time. To look at problems in a different light; to caution self that I may not fall into hypocrisy. APDTA!!

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Miembro desconocido
29 jul 2021

A quetion I often ponder over is, 'What would you say is the best way and thing to say when doubt creeps up (or tries too)?' I've heard the Hon. Minister Farrakhan say, "Pray, then get up and go to work on your prayer".. So I'm guessing lots of patience is apart of the formula. But then I think, ' if I have doubt can I reach a level of patience to overcome the doubt?' Just a thought of exploration. Thanks for all you do sir!

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Miembro desconocido
30 jul 2021
Contestando a

As-Salaam Alaikum! Our beloved Minister, the Honorable Louis Farrakhan has taught us that ‘doubt’ is the mother of hypocrisy. It may be just semantics, but doubt does not lead to understanding in any way. It leads to our own mental betrayal of truth. As long as we allow our minds to possess or remain in a state of doubt we will never acquire the patience necessary to rid ourselves of the counterintelligence of doubt. I’m using the term ‘counterintelligence’ because it was doubt in the mind of cointelpro agencies that launched subversive actions against the idea of a Black Messiah coming up out of our people. Self-doubt works the same way, it prevents the rise of the Messianic attributes in…

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