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ALLAH (God) is an ARTIST

Updated: Apr 14

Art: (Noun) The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. (Lexico dot com powered by Oxford)

Artist: (Noun) A person who practices any of the various creative arts, such as a sculptor, novelist, poet, or filmmaker. (Lexico dot com powered by Oxford)

What part of creation of the known Universe, even the canvas of our mind’s imagination, could we say is not art? I thought to write on ALLAH (God) as an Artist because as a musician, and now in my temporary state of physical blindness, I’m experiencing magnificent insight which is a developing ability to perceive reality beyond what the naked eye detects.

Our perception of reality is certainly not limited to what our eyes see. Our perception of reality is a sensory that goes beyond all the five senses. We have built in sensory on so many more levels than just the physical sensory that helps us navigate through this physical, material Universe. We have sensory that goes beyond physical material matter. Even beyond time in the conventional sense, which is all about what takes place in motion.

In the Holy Qur’an, ALLAH in the second chapter is identified as the Unseen. However, as the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan teaches, ‘unseen’ does not mean ‘not present’. We are taught that ALLAH (God) is ‘omnipresent’: (Adjective) “Widely or constantly encountered; common or widespread.”; (of God) “present everywhere at the same time.” (Lexico dot com powered by Oxford). Since ALLAH (God) is omnipresent, it makes perfect sense that the Holy Qur’an teaches that he is ever present and ever living which means ALLAH (God) transcends time. In the study of Deepak Chopra, the timetable of God would be better measured in quantum leaps as opposed to the motion between two particular points in time. A quantum leap is defined, in short, as “in the instance of thought”. If you have traveled to other countries and or locations beyond where you are in this moment, you will recall that it took x amount of time traveling by train, plane or automobile to get there. However, by recall you can be there in the instance of thought.

One day my father, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, was sitting at the dinner table and stated that he could take a person out into the back of the house without ever leaving the table. As Minister Farrakhan has remarked many times, the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad would make purchases of land and property around the world that he had never been to see himself.

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad is often spoken of as a great visionary. He would order things around the world without ever going to some of these locations physically. He actually stated that he had made friends for us all around the world and stated to some of us in his close family that whenever we wanted something done to always go and speak with the person at the top.

Did he actually know all of these people around the globe in high positions? Or was it an acquaintance that is far deeper in a psychic sense that dealt with communication with these entities on a level that the key to interacting with them on a physical plane would require an intuitive projection of the mind and our thinking? The language for communication on the level to which I’m writing is the language of prayer.

I do not mean prayer in the traditional religious sense, but prayer meaning supplication in the spiritual sense that sets things into motion in the Name and with the Help of God. Yes, perception of reality to each is very real. For this reason, salvation and resurrection mentally and spiritually is triggered by the renewal of the mind.

Because we are all on different levels of our mental and spiritual development and there are no two of us identical, it is critical to our survival in this evolutionary process that we rise above emotion and develop our ability to REASON.

Our ability to reason with one another as intelligent beings is the art form that enables us to see and project to each other our thoughts. This is what enables

God to remain unseen but yet present in and throughout His physical and material Universe. In slang language (smile), when we talk with one another, we often say “see what I mean?”. The only way you can see what someone means while they are verbally expressing something to us is that they are able to project images in our mind that fit the description of what they are verbally stating. This is a form of art! Can you think of anything that as human beings we can project, actualize, materialize, that is not artistic?

When we fail to effectively communicate our thoughts and feelings to another, it may mean that even if the person is illiterate in a Scripture sense, they may require communication on a much higher frequency to tap into the life force of intelligence that is before you.

Please, do not discard or demean any life no matter what form, shape or color of its appearance as being void of value and an intimate connection to God. In this sense, because God is unseen, we ignore His presence in everyone else. The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in the resurrection process of Black people, said “every time you look at a Black man, you’re looking at God”.

In my conclusion for now, practice rising above emotionalism regarding the dimension of what you see and hear coming from your Brother or Sister and reach for the omnipresence of God that is present in every aspect of His Creation, and greatest in the human being. Do not worship the form of any person or thing, only the Spirit of the omnipresence of God! Until the next post, may ALLAH (God) bless you to evolve your knowledge of Him which will better acquaint you with yourself. 😇

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