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A Study of the Power of Thinking

TW: suicide, mentions of suicide

I was recently inspired by a movie with the late actor and comedian Robin Williams entitled “What Dreams May Come”. I would like to draw from some of the points that moved me in this movie that, in truth, is based on real psychological challenges today which may be within someone that you know, regarding the topic of suicide.

Suicide: (Noun) “Suicide is death caused by injuring oneself with the intent to die.” (CDC dot gov website).

The interesting thing to study about the previous definition of the word ‘suicide’ is regarding the harm that we do or can do to ourselves with the intent to end our lives. When you see a person who is living a reckless life with a careless mannerism, this may be a preliminary or actual display of a mindset that leads to suicide. I’m reminded of the words of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) who said in Islamic Sharia (Law): “anything that leads to wrong, is wrong”. How many of us lead suicidal lives or behave in a manner that leads to total self-destruction? Many of us may take for granted the thoughts that creep up in our thinking, when we are upset, that are harmful to others as well as ourselves just because we may deem it to be just a passing thought. However, thoughts produce powerful frequencies that operate like radio waves that, in the science of communication, are never destroyed. Thought waves, like radio waves, travel until they become matter!

Our lives matter, and so does our thinking! As we develop into the knowledge of our Divine Capacity like the Creator to say to anything ‘BE’ and it IS, we must become far more responsible not only for our actions from a behavioral standpoint, but our very thinking which is where all matter is preconceived. Many may recall comments from grandparents when they would say to us “careful what you think”. Our thinking is always a precursor to things that actually come into existence unless countered by a stronger thought. Yes, with regards to our beloved grandparents, WE ALL must be careful with what and how we think, as thinking is the true incubator of physical and material things. Everything we see, hear and experience has its beginning in a single thought or idea in the mind of man.

In this movie, “What Dreams May Come”, where the character played by Robin Williams loses his whole family to an automobile accident, it leaves the mother trying to live on with the tragic memory of how she lost her children and her husband and ultimately leads to her suicide. I found a very profound remark in the following words that summed up the condition of the wife and mother of Mr. Williams’ character’s family: “hell is a place where the dead live but do not know that they’re dead…”. This left me in profound thought regarding our people who are described by the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad from the Bible that says, “we are a people mentally blind, deaf and dumb…dead to the knowledge of God and self.” This lays the basis of the very profound teaching of my father concerning the condition of the Black man and woman in America, in particular, and all human beings around the globe who are dead like zombies; functioning but without purpose that goes beyond material gain. This produces a people devoid of spirituality to the degree that they lose their connectivity to God, self and each other, making a shallow human being who engages in relationships that are likewise devoid of substance that we could say are of “true grit”. This is why we can have many interpersonal relationships but none of them really last because they are deficient in our true ability to resolve conflict, spiritually and mentally, for the survival and sanctity of our union. When we are deficient spiritually and mentally, we live by a law that is best defined as ‘chance’. So, we gamble ourselves and all relationships through the vicissitudes of life.

I’d like to state right here, in conclusion for this post: there is no life, love or relationships without struggle, pain and a degree of purposeful opposition. It is this struggle in life that really exposes the best in us. Do not fear opposition! Do not fear difficulty! Do not fear your enemy! It is ALLAH (God) who ordained and ordains a degree of difficulty and hard trials in life in order that we discover the great potential and Divine Mission each one of us has had deposited in us! We must fear nothing and no one but ALLAH (God) and we will find that everything and everyone that represents a trial in our lives are but a fading illusion. Until the next time... I love you and you can’t do nothin’ about it 😇

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