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As - Salaam - Alaikum: I have always upheld the view that a dream is simply not necessarily so. However, my Father reportedly said that if we saw either him or Master Fard Muhammad in any of our dreams, it must be considered as REAL / TRUE:

When we have a dream wherein we see either of these two; the Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad or our Saviour Master Fard Muhammad, you should consider that They are tuning in on you using the language of the brain which is SYMBOLISM.

The thing that blocks our receptivity of Their Communication with us is disbelief and self-doubt.

Sure there is a list of other factors that block and obstruct our natural ability to tap into what I will call the 'GOD FREQUENCY'. But the most powerful obstruction that arrests our ability to tune in with the LORD of all the worlds is doubt and disbelief in our own self-worth to HIM.

We were made, created and designed to channel HIM... GOD. Why wouldn't HE be trying to COMMUNICATE through us?

When GOD Who is greater than the finite limited dimension of the physical material of forms, intervenes in the affairs of the Human Being, HE comes in the 'Person' of Us. If GOD is to be understood, HE must become intelligible to our minds.

No God is GOD if He is not accessible to the least of HIS Creatures.

Disbelievers amongst us can be identified! They are the suppressive personalities in our immediate interpersonal and intimate relationships who's power is to cause us in a suggestive manner to second guess and doubt our own ability to manifest the Reality Of GOD through our Persons.

Again, our dreams are the display of what we deeply desire and or what deeply impacts us. However, when and if you see the Saviour or the Christ in your dreams, their is a message they are communicating to you, for you or for someone else maybe unbeknownst immediately to you until you share it with those that are waiting to hear it.

Beware of your innermost desires that may conflict with ALLAH's Will for you. Love is a powerful force that can make us imagine what may not be for us. This is what makes being MUSLIM the greatest security for any of us, because it is the art of subordinating our personal desires to those of ALLAH (GOD / DIOS).

I thank the 'Believers' who's confidentiality with me inspired this post. May ALLAH increase us all in understanding and LOVE...-)

Reprinted From A June 2, 2015 Facebook Post By Brother Rasul Muhammad

Edited by G.C. Productions, LLC All rights reserved according to this website

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Thank you for these words of guidance and wisdom. You are blessing to humanity and a bearing of witness to your father’s divinity!

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